Manual Distribution

Manual Distribution is part of Manual Music, a company based in The Netherlands which is active in the field of label- and artist management, music publishing and DJ / radio promotion. We also run various record labels ourselves: Manual Music, MNL, Cinematique, Magnitude Recordings, 90watts, Manual Deep and Blue Magenta.
Our boutique digital distribution department was established when we felt the need for a more honest, straight forward way of working. Having extensive experience in running labels ourselves, we’ve always felt that having to pay a big chunk of your income to your distributor is unfair. Therefor, we believe that our clients should pay us for what we do, and the way we go about that is always in consultation with our clients offering a customized deal based on your needs and wants.
In 2009 we decided to take matters into our own hands – first for our own labels, and quickly more labels joined. Nowadays Manual Distribution takes care of digital distribution for hundreds of labels and artists, and tens of thousands of songs from all over the world, in any possible genre you can imagine.


  • A customized deal based on your needs and wants.
  • Make your music available on dozens of stores, streaming services and other digital service providers.
  • We work with both record labels and individual artist and both are treated equally.
  • We offer neighbouring rights income claiming for your music with worldwide coverarage, meaning additional income for your music on top of traditional royalties.
  • Get paid four times a year (every quarter).
  • Our experienced team keeps the contact personal and offers professional advice.
  • Want us to handle the royalty calculations- and payments for your artists? No problem, we will happily do so for a small additional fee.
  • Labels that work with our digital distribution get a 20% discount on promo mail-outs via our Manual Promo Pool (Inflyte).
  • Want to get your back catalogue online? Need us to digitize your DAT tapes? Reach out and find out how we can help you!


We take care of digital distribution for hundreds of labels and manage a catalogue of tens of thousands of songs.

Check out our Manual Distribution : Selected playlist on Spotify. It’s updated regularly with a selection of music from the labels we distribute and will give you a pretty good idea of our clientele.


Our promo pool on Inflyte delivers music to DJ’s, radio- and podcast makers, Youtube channels, playlist curators and other prominent tastemakers all around the world.
We specialize in deep / progressive / melodic house and serve the promo needs for labels such as Beat Boutique, Truesounds Music, Mango Alley, Soulful Techno, Just Movement, Juicebox Music, Asymmetric Recordings, Aboriginal, IbogaTech, Infinite Depth, Songspire Records, Kiksuya Records, Ritual, Good News Records, Pour La Vie, Labo T., Jee Productions, Where The Heart Is, YOMO Records, Modern Agenda, Space Motion Records, Dreamers and many many more. Naturally it’s also the place to be for our own labels.
Not part of our label (distribution) family but want us to send out your promo? No problem! Get in touch with us via distribution@manual-music.com.

Need more info?

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting something brand new or want to switch your digital distribution over to us, we’re here to help!
Please contact us via distribution@manual-music.com